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koncept erogrotesek zastrzeżony. Wymyślony 21.4.10. i cały, cały mój.... (koncept. tak). erogroteska = miniatura erotyzująca z elementami groteski, które wkradają się wbrew moim najlepszym intencjom....

the idea of an erogrotesque is copyrighted (or might as well be). Thought it up today (21.4.10.), googled, and it's mine, my precioussss (idea. right). an erogrotesque = a more or less erotic drabble, with some 'grotesque' thrown in for a good measure - it keeps interfering, against my best efforts....

Gdyby ktoś nie zauważył, tłumaczenie jest dość swobodne.
If you didn't notice, the translations are... loose at best.

poniedziałek, 15 sierpnia 2011

I miss
the way my body is with your
body. Even though there's
not a lot I can do
in both situations (A being with, and B
being without) I still miss
tracing your thoughts by your eyes rather than your
voice on the grainy connection
of dearly paid mobiles --
pictures on skype, although nice, do
not give me your
eyelashes, or those eminently
bitable lines of your
jaws, your neck, your.
I miss curling into your collarbone
sliding my hands in places undiscovered by

naked eye, hugging the world
I can feel
within you.

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