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koncept erogrotesek zastrzeżony. Wymyślony 21.4.10. i cały, cały mój.... (koncept. tak). erogroteska = miniatura erotyzująca z elementami groteski, które wkradają się wbrew moim najlepszym intencjom....

the idea of an erogrotesque is copyrighted (or might as well be). Thought it up today (21.4.10.), googled, and it's mine, my precioussss (idea. right). an erogrotesque = a more or less erotic drabble, with some 'grotesque' thrown in for a good measure - it keeps interfering, against my best efforts....

Gdyby ktoś nie zauważył, tłumaczenie jest dość swobodne.
If you didn't notice, the translations are... loose at best.

piątek, 10 grudnia 2010

She liked these dreams, when closeness was a sweet certainty, with warmth possessing an edge unfamiliar from the waking world. The images were something all too rare; something to be missed, coveted, hoarded. The waking world wasn't nearly as generous as these occasional dreams of safety, never more than she could handle. Calm, she was then. Calm like waters of the lake, gently moving, with a barely-there rocking, like heart pumping, like the everyday in-and-out of breath.

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