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koncept erogrotesek zastrzeżony. Wymyślony 21.4.10. i cały, cały mój.... (koncept. tak). erogroteska = miniatura erotyzująca z elementami groteski, które wkradają się wbrew moim najlepszym intencjom....

the idea of an erogrotesque is copyrighted (or might as well be). Thought it up today (21.4.10.), googled, and it's mine, my precioussss (idea. right). an erogrotesque = a more or less erotic drabble, with some 'grotesque' thrown in for a good measure - it keeps interfering, against my best efforts....

Gdyby ktoś nie zauważył, tłumaczenie jest dość swobodne.
If you didn't notice, the translations are... loose at best.

poniedziałek, 23 sierpnia 2010

So THANK GOD I don't drink at parties, as a rule with few exceptions.

I liked him, I liked him so much. He was so CUTE I kept melting! And I should start recognizing it as my gaydar activating..... I just love the gays, what can I say...

I don't know anymore, if I wanted his attention or him, specifically. I'm betting attention, because I really want attention anyway, and lots of it, only I don't want it. Because I don't know what to do with it, when I get it. [it. a weak euphemism, if it's even one]

Just a brief interlude, trying to convince myself, that in a room full of professional dancers, I wasn't bloody fucking obvious to everyone present.

Hopefully, not everyone paid enough attention to figure that one out. Maybe I imagined the pitying looks.

[yeah, right.] [I'm a fag hag. can I get a t-shirt?]

Kill me now?

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